Why should you live and work in the Dickinson County area?

Check out the current job postings in our area HERE.

How long is your current commute?

The average commute time in most major cities is almost an hour per day!

Our last traffic jam was on the Fourth of July when Woodward Ave. was shut down for the parade.

How long is your dog home alone each day?

You could spend that hour per day commute at our new dog park at City Park in the heart of Iron Mountain with your four-legged friend. It even has a separate enclosure for small dogs!

Are you living your purpose?

We not only have great career opportunities, you will also find abundant options for getting involved in your community.  Many of our young professionals are leading important community efforts – the YMCA expansion, new recreational trails development, and many festivals and events. Bay West Leadership Academy has started and the first class of future community and business leaders will graduate in May 2019.

How much does a night out cost you in your current city?

A night out in Chicago costs double, maybe even triple what you would spend here.


The Dickinson Area has excellent healthcare options including the VA Medical Center, Dickinson County Healthcare System,  and Bellin Health. We also have great veterinarian services for your pets, too!


Have you heard about the Pine Mountain Resort revitalization?

Renovations at Pine Mountain have begun with a completion date before ski season including a total renovation to all resort rooms and common areas.  Other upgrades include renovation of the wedding and meeting facilities, parking lots, outside decks and the lodge façade.  The resort joined the Trademark Collection by Wyndham which allows guests access to the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program.

What are you waiting for?

Current Job Listings at www.MITALENT.org

Updated on May 18, 2020

Organization NameJob TitleJob Code NumberNumber of PositionsCountyExpire Date
41 LumberResidential Designer101687131Dickinson06/05/2020
41 LumberDelivery Driver and Material Handler103367851Dickinson06/05/2020
AflacBeneft Advisor – Training Advisor107749195Dickinson05/23/2020
All-Lift SystemService Technician-Hoist Inspection/Repairs86718101Dickinson06/03/2020
Bacco ConstructionPaving Labor107267101Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionConcrete Labor107267091Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionPaving Labor107267081Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionGeneral Labor107267071Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionLevel 1 Concrete Field Testing Technician107277151Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionDensity/Lab Technician107277111Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionSuperintendent – Foreman107277101Dickinson05/27/2020
Bacco ConstructionHeavy Equipment Operator107277081Dickinson05/27/2020
Bink’s Coca-ColaWarehouse Worker87867861Dickinson06/13/2020
CCI Systems, Inc.RPA Software Developer106653291Dickinson05/31/2020
CCI Systems, Inc.Groundman – 1st Class CATV106626585Dickinson06/14/2020
CCI Systems, Inc.Operator106626595Dickinson06/14/2020
CCI Systems, Inc.Product Sales Specialist – Fiber Services108056141Dickinson05/29/2020
CCI Systems, Inc.VP of Sales106256491Dickinson06/07/2020
Community Action Alger MarquetteHousing Resource Specialist107983491Dickinson06/05/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemBiomedical Technician108229211Dickinson06/17/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemMedical Social Worker (MSW)108185551Dickinson06/14/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemRetail Pharmacist Supervisor/Lead107150041Dickinson06/10/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemCorporate Compliance & Risk Director108054731Dickinson06/07/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemEndoscopy Technician / Patient Care Associate106032511Dickinson06/01/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemMedical Scribe106033021Dickinson06/01/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemPhysician Billers106222512Dickinson06/01/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemStaff Registered Nurse (RN)106400971Dickinson06/01/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemLaboratory Quality Supervisor106868401Dickinson06/01/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemHome Medical Equipment Specialist (LPN)106566001Dickinson05/31/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemRetail Pharmacy Technician107452481Dickinson05/24/2020
Dickinson County Healthcare SystemHome Medical Equipment Administrative Assistant106532791Dickinson05/23/2020
Dickinson Homes, Inc.Electrical Assistant106160101Dickinson06/05/2020
Lake Shore Systems, IncSenior Buyer108154291Dickinson06/14/2020
Lake Shore Systems, IncBuyer108154281Dickinson06/14/2020
Lake Shore Systems, IncPurchasing Agent108154271Dickinson06/14/2020
Lake Shore Systems, IncDefense Program Manager108151821Dickinson06/14/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCAssistant Project Manager Drilling107795601Dickinson05/25/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCProject Manager Drilling107795561Dickinson05/25/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Engineer Drilling107795521Dickinson05/25/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Safety Health Representative Renewable Ener107747111Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCProject Manager IPC Division107747081Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Superintendent IPC107747041Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Safety Health Coordinator IPC Division107746781Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Mechanic107746731Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Mechanic107746701Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCField Engineer107746671Dickinson05/23/2020
M.J. Electric, LLCDrilling Department Supervisors / Operators / Gro107746631Dickinson05/23/2020
Miller Products & Supply CoRebar Production106161205Dickinson06/10/2020
Miller Products & Supply Co.Welder106161181Dickinson06/10/2020
MR. TIREAuto Mechanic105618471Dickinson06/17/2020
Nelson Paint CompanyController107909841Dickinson05/31/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemICSS Clinical Care Manager107749071Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemMedical Records Specialist107749021Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemHomebased Care Manager107748871Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemCommunity Supports Aide107748303Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemClinical Care Manager107748212Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemNetwork Administrator107748071Dickinson05/23/2020
Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare SystemFacilities Maintenance Technician107748031Dickinson05/23/2020
Project Service, Inc.EMT/Security Officer in Quinnesec82686491Dickinson06/14/2020
Project Service, Inc.Janitor / Custodian91759163Dickinson06/12/2020
Project Service, Inc.General Miscellaneous Labor1077158610Dickinson06/12/2020
Project Service, Inc.Retail Store Worker / Accounting102993881Dickinson06/11/2020
Project Service, Inc.Janitor in Pembine, WI68019401Dickinson06/11/2020
Sherwin-Williams CompanyManagement/Sales Trainee Entry Level Green Bay Di108052941Dickinson06/08/2020
STERIS CorporationField Service Technician107939191Dickinson06/02/2020
Systems ControlArea Supervisor-Production103747441Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlProduction Talent1037474225Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlManufacturing Engineer95178301Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlElectrical Designer Protection and Control Designers Engineering Services95178211Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlCAD Designer95178181Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlSenior Electrical Engineering Technician95178271Dickinson05/31/2020
Systems ControlElectrical Testing Engineer95178321Dickinson05/31/2020
Tool Time Rent AllRental Equipment Service Tech Mechanic83978171Dickinson05/24/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyOperations Manager108228221Dickinson06/18/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyHuman Resources Manager108035931Dickinson06/07/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyEHS Specialist107909101Dickinson05/31/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanySr. Marketing Analyst107907741Dickinson05/31/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanySourcing Manager New Product Development107878941Dickinson05/30/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyProduction Assembler107878931Dickinson05/30/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyAssociate ECommerce Marketing Manager107842031Dickinson05/28/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyMachine Operator107793731Dickinson05/25/2020
Boss Snowplow/Toro CompanyWelder up to 20/hr DOE107716151Dickinson05/22/2020
U. S. Special Delivery , Inc.Diesel Mechanic103153851Dickinson06/07/2020