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Dickinson County Healthcare System (DCHS) is one of the largest employers in the Dickinson Area. Having earned its 3rd Consecutive “A” Grade for Patient Safety, DCHS one of the most consistently recognized rural hospitals nationally for patient safety, and was named as a 2020 Top Rural Hospital in the United States by Leapfrog.

DCHS is currently hiring for a wide variety of positions, from patient care to operational roles.

About DCHS 

DCHS aims to be the focal point of healthcare in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the adjoining counties of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Our primary roles include:
● Providing a broad range of high quality acute care including inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic, and specialty services.
● Providing directly, sharing, or serving as the catalyst for community health education.
● Preventing illness and preserving health.
● Providing non-hospital-based healthcare services.
● Improving the quality of life of impaired persons.
● Providing rehabilitative services

Working at DCHS

Our outstanding team of family healthcare providers is supported by highly-skilled, locally-based specialists including internal medicine, general surgery, cancer care, heart care, orthopedics and physical therapy. From advanced lab and diagnostic services to lifesaving emergency treatment, to kind and compassionate hospital care, our caring staff is always ready to serve you. Our greatest reward is that babies, kids, moms, dads, and grandparents all become healthier here. Dickinson has been regionally and nationally recognized for excellent healthcare by independent performance-based rating agencies including an “A+ Patient Safety Rating” and “Top Rural Hospital” designation from The Leapfrog Group.”

● Dickinson County Healthcare (DCHS) has 701 employees
● DCHS employees enjoy various community business discounts
● DCHS employees have great benefit and retirement options
● DCHS is a small community hospital with state of the art technology
● DCHS earned its 3 rd Consecutive “A” Grade for Patient Safety, making it one of the most consistently recognized rural hospitals nationally for patient safety
● DCHS was named as a 2020 Top Rural Hospital in the United States by Leapfrog

Mr. Chuck Nelson, President and CEO of Dickinson County Healthcare System states, “It is my honor to be in a position to guide excellent healthcare in the Iron Mountain region and share with you important information about the future of healthcare in our communities. Dickinson County Healthcare is diagnosing health challenges earlier than ever and developing personalized care plans to keep people healthier longer.”

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About DCHS

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