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Bay College #KeepUPWorking in Dickinson County

About Bay College

Since the early 1970’s, Bay College has had a presence in Dickinson County, dedicating itself to offering academically excellent and affordable public education in our region. The college prepares students to be continuous learners who succeed upon transfer, work effectively in the contemporary workplace, and function as productive citizens and leaders in their communities. We focus on the following pillars of success:

  • Student Success: Bay College will continue to be a premier institution of learning that creates high quality, relevant academic experiences for a diverse community of learners.
  • Community Success: Bay College collaborates as a proactive leader in workforce development, educational partnerships, cultural diversity, and being a responsible member of a resilient community.
  • Culture of Success: Bay College fosters a supportive environment that engages accountable employees, data driven results, and develops talent to be an employer of choice in the U.P.

Bay College is nationally recognized for student success and completion and for its use of technology in both learning environments and business practices. Bay College has achieved this success by building a culture of continuous improvement and living by its employee-created cultural beliefs.


Working at Bay College

There are several benefits to working at Bay College, but helping students be the best version of themselves is by far the best. When we effectively educate others, not only does it profoundly impact someone else’s life, but it impacts their future, their family, and their community.

Regardless of department or job function, when you work at Bay College, you are given the daily opportunity to make a difference. As an instructor, you’re leaving a legacy by sharing your knowledge, life lessons and time to grow and inspire others. What we do might vary, but our “why” is the same — to position our students for success and for our communities to thrive.

I choose to work at Bay College West because we are all focused on student success.  I go to work every day knowing that we, as a team, are trying to make a difference in our students’ lives.  I also know that I can count on my colleagues when I need them.  Since we’re a small college, we get to know each other – and our students – more than we would at other higher education institutions.

– Britt Slade, Full-time Math Instructor


I have worked at Bay College West since 2003 and it has been an awesome place to work.  Every day is something new and when I work with students it is inspiring to see them change throughout a semester.  Bay College West offers a safe environment that allows students and staff the ability to focus on succeeding in class or their job.  I have seen many changes over the years but one thing that has remained constant is Bay Colleges focus on success, including community, staff, and students.  Bay also encourages growth within their employees using professional development, or job advancement. In my area I am always provided the tools or assistance I need to perform my job.  Being from a small town, I am very proud to tell people that I work at Bay College West and I feel Bay has had a very positive impact on the community, as well as thousands of students over the years.

– Pat Bazan, Building Maintenance Manager at Bay College West


I choose to work at Bay College because the work we do matters. We get to help individuals, industry partners and ultimately our community. Seeing the campus utilized, connecting people and helping others on their journey is fulfilling.

Gina Wollner, Dean of Bay College West Campus

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